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  The Clog Catcher will filter the waste water and “catch” any items/debris that you do not want to enter your bathroom plumbing drain system, like hair or jewelry. Simply push one Clog Catcher over the top of your bathroom sink or tub drain stopper mechanism, that’s it, no tools required! The Clog Catcher’s unique design will trap items before they enter the drain system, which will save you $$$ by not hiring a plumber or purchasing expensive drain cleaners. The Clog Catcher was engineered to be flexible and non-corrosive, so you can simply clean and reuse it. Or, you can also discard it and install a new one, because it is a low cost preventative tool.  
  99% of clogged drains are caused by hair that naturally falls off your body. The Clog Catcher “catches” hair before it enters the drain system, preventing an untimely, expensive and frustrating drain clog. Sometimes, even small items like jewelry will accidentally fall into the sink and down the drain line, probably lost forever. With the Clog Catcher standing guard, losing that special ring or pendant will no longer be a problem around the bathroom sink.

Plumbing Facts:

  • Average day rental of a hand-held powered drain snake is $50.
  • Average costs for a professional to clear a blocked bathroom drain is $150.
  • Average cost of a chemical drain cleaner is $7. About $150 million is spent yearly on drain cleaners, and much of that money goes down the drain and into the environment!

NOTE: Multiply the above costs times the amount of occasions that you either purchase drain cleaners, rent a snake or call a professional to unclog your bath drain, sometimes you’ve probably done all three, ouch!

   "My wife nearly lost her earring in our tub, but it was caught by the clog catcher before
    it went down the drain.  Thank you!"  M. Fury

There are two different size versions of the Clog Catcher, one size fits over a typical 1 1/4" stopper plug on a bathroom sink drain pop-up assembly, and the other version attaches to a typical 2" stopper plug on a bathroom tub drain pop-up assembly (also known as a toe-lock stop).

You can install the Clog Catcher in bathrooms at any of these locations:
Time Shares
Barber & Beauty Shops
Many more locations too numerous to list here.
  STOP spending your hard earned money to remove your bathroom drain clogs or retrieve
                  lost jewelry.

STOP wasting time disassembling and snaking out your bathroom drain lines.

STOP spending your hard earned money on professionals to remove your bathroom
                 drain clogs or retrieve lost jewelry.

START by ordering the Clog Catcher today to save your time, money and frustration on
                     a preventable plumbing problem.



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  • The Clog Catchers are available in clear (opaque) bristles.
  • The Clog Catchers are made to fit most standard pop-up assemblies for bath sinks and tubs, if your sink stopper plug is larger than 1 1/4" and/or your tub stopper plug is larger than 2", the Clog Catcher will still function, but not at the degree that we have designed the Clog Catcher for standard stopper plug dimensions. Make sure to measure the stopper plug before placing your order, all sales are final.
  • Depending upon usage, we recommend to replace the Clog Catcher with a new one every 30-60 days.
  • Please contact us prior to ordering any shipments outside the continental US.

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